May Message from NAHQ Leadership

May Message from NAHQ Leadership

A few months ago, I told you about some of the improvements we’ve made at NAHQ that help our members and customers stay up to date on the latest healthcare quality news and resources available to them. We’ve seen our reach expand each month from increased visits to our website, larger audiences tuning in to Learning Labs, and growing readership for our eNews.

This month, we saw growth in another area: the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) credential. We now have more than 10,000 individuals holding the CPHQ certification!

With healthcare quality professionals working in such different settings, the CPHQ gives us a standard set of information to ensure optimal performance in our unique roles.

Throughout my career, it’s been important for me to learn as much as possible and to validate that knowledge through certification. When I see the CPHQ credential behind someone’s name, I know they command a body of knowledge that can be applied in their organizations.

Today, more and more healthcare quality professionals see the value that comes with the CPHQ. They see the prestige and level of knowledge it brings as the only accredited certification in healthcare quality. And, employers have followed suit. When you look at the NAHQ Career Center, many of the positions prefer or require candidates with a CPHQ.

I’m so proud to see recognition for the CPHQ credential grow every year. At NAHQ, we’ll continue to promote the certification so you receive the recognition that you deserve as part of this elite group of healthcare quality professionals.

You can do your part in promoting the CPHQ, too.

Tell your peers or your team why they should have this credential behind their name. For me, taking the step to sit for this exam was a personal challenge to hold myself accountable for learning this knowledge.

Wear your CPHQ pin with pride. When I passed the CPHQ exam, I felt an enormous sense of pride and accomplishment. I want the same for every healthcare quality professional.

Finally, take a selfie of you wearing the CPHQ pin and post it on one (or all) of NAHQ’s social channels.

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Looking forward to seeing your pictures and working together to help the CPHQ reach its next milestone!

NAHQ President