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Q & A with NAHQ Next Speaker, Deborah Bulger CPHQ

Q & A with NAHQ Next Speaker, Deborah Bulger CPHQ

Healthcare quality professionals work in every healthcare setting to enhance care delivery, optimize value, and improve outcomes. For those of you who serve in this role or work with someone who does, you’re familiar with the important work being done every day. However, you’ll come across some people (even in your own organizations) who don’t understand your work or the profession.

NAHQ Next speaker, Deborah Bulger, CPHQ, executive director of strategic programs at Change Healthcare, shares insights on why it’s important for healthcare quality professionals to talk about their work and what they can do to increase awareness of the profession.

Why is it important for healthcare quality professionals to identify themselves as such?
Deb: In this economic environment where quality of care has a direct impact on financial results, it is so important for the healthcare quality professional to be identified as part of the healthcare leadership team. We bring a unique perspective and balance to the decision-making process.

Why should healthcare quality professionals talk about the profession or what they do?
Deb: The competencies we bring to the organization could be the best kept secret ever. We are not just data collectors or people who write reports, but sometimes that’s what our colleagues see us do. They may not see that we sit at the negotiation table discussing value-based contracts or that we coach clinical staff on areas for improvement. They don’t see that we connect the dots between cause and effect or that we identify patterns and trends within the organization. It’s up to us to talk about the relationship between quality and overall business performance so that our colleagues make the connection.

How can healthcare quality professionals market themselves?
Deb: One of the most important ways we can market ourselves is by being unforgettable. Demonstrate that you are a problem-solver and someone who has a broad base of healthcare knowledge. When opportunities arise, we should pursue them and not assume that someone else is taking care of the situation. Also, we should promote our credentials such as the CPHQ. When someone sees them and isn’t aware of what it means, they’ll ask you.

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