November Message from Leadership

November Message from Leadership

2017 has been a spectacular year! It’s hard to believe it’s nearly over.

At my facility, one of my responsibilities includes mapping out the training path for my healthcare quality & safety team. I know many of you are in the same position. If you’re in a managerial role or looking for professional development opportunities that will help you further advance your career, remember that NAHQ is here as your professional home.

From helping you or your team gain a more complete understanding of healthcare quality to demonstrating your expertise with the CPHQ certification and assessing the level of knowledge your advanced- and master-level professionals hold, look no further than NAHQ to fulfill your educational needs.

At NAHQ, we’re committed to giving you relevant tools and knowledge that’s representative of the work you do today and helps you maintain your position as an indispensable member in your organization.

A recent example of this work pertains to our CPHQ Prep products. Every three years we review the CPHQ content outline and update our Prep products to align with those revisions. This is the three-year mark for that process so several NAHQ leaders and staff have been involved with reviewing and updating content. To date, we have launched the 4th edition of HQ Solutions and the CPHQ Practice Exam. The exam now has more than double the number of questions and is split into two forms, which can be used as a pretest and posttest. The updated online CPHQ Review Course will launch later this month and new materials will be used in all live CPHQ Review Courses beginning in January 2018. Locations and dates will be announced in the coming months.

Now is a great time to set professional goals for yourself or your team and here are some steps to take to accomplish this:

All the best to you as we enter the holiday season!

NAHQ President