NAHQ Elects New Leaders

NAHQ Elects New Leaders

Carole Pulaski Installed as President-Elect and Emmett Ervin Joins as Director-at-Large.

Carole Pulaski, MSA BSN CPHQ, of Tabernacle, New Jersey, becomes NAHQ’s president-elect. Her professional background includes 14+ years of acute care experience in a hospital setting, with a concentration in maternal-child health as well as 15+ years in managed care as a healthcare quality professional. A colleague suggested she become a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ), which led her to becoming more involved with NAHQ.

Once a NAHQ member, Pulaski volunteered for the conference planning team. As a member of the conference planning team, she continually voiced the importance of including opportunities for all quality professionals across the healthcare continuum. Her experience within NAHQ included being a member and eventual team leader for the Conference Planning Team, team leader for the Professional Practice Advisory Team, and director-at-large on the NAHQ Board of Directors.

“As president-elect, I will continue to voice the importance of supporting all quality professionals in healthcare. In the current environment, quality has the potential to be a revenue line item versus an expense line item. To share in the expected revenues created through the Affordable Care Act; health plans, hospital systems, long-term care facilities and physician practices will be required to document outcomes,” said Pulaski. “These outcomes will be based on quality metrics. NAHQ is in the unique position of having the ability to bring all healthcare quality professionals to the same discussion. NAHQ can influence the future healthcare continuum, by improving healthcare quality across all points of care through education, certification, and advocacy. I look forward to representing all NAHQ members as we navigate our new healthcare quality world.”

Emmett Ervin, MPA CPHQ, of Dallas, Texas, assumes the position of director-at-large. He serves the director of corporate quality for Oceans Healthcare and is in his 20th year of surveying for CARF International as an administrative surveyor. He received his MPA from the University of Texas at Arlington. Ervin devotes time as a mentor for those new to the field in healthcare quality.

"I'm honored to be a part of a dynamic association that appeals to the full healthcare spectrum; regardless of the setting, function, or role of the member. I've always felt that NAHQ educational programs position members to strive for best practices and improved outcomes,” Ervin states. “I expect NAHQ to continue to be the leading association in healthcare quality by continuing to evolve to meet the needs of the members we serve."