August Message from NAHQ Leadership

August Message from NAHQ Leadership

Hallmarks of a profession are a sense of community and knowing you have a professional home to turn to for guidance, tools, and resources. 

NAHQ is the professional home and community for the healthcare quality profession. Over the years, NAHQ has earned the reputation of being an industry leader. In many ways that is thanks to you, the healthcare quality professional, and the important work you do every day. 

Each of you has a wealth of expertise and insights to share, and as the profession continues its tremendous growth there are many who can benefit from your experiences. That is why I am personally inviting you to engage with NAHQ, and here are some ways you can get involved:  

  • Volunteer opportunities. I am continually impressed at the number of applications we receive for spots on our commissions and teams. This is our most popular option, and there are often more interested individuals than availability. The call for volunteers will open later this month. 

  • Become a peer reviewer for the Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ). Please watch our webinar series for more insight into the peer review process. 
  • Submit a manuscript for consideration in the JHQ

  • Ask for advice from and exchange knowledge and share tools with fellow NAHQ members through the NAHQ Network. Here you can join special interest groups including our most recently established: Health Data Analytics. 
  • Tell us about your HQ experiences. We may share them with the rest of the profession during Healthcare Quality Week, October 21-27. 

  • Attend NAHQ Next, November 5-7, in Minneapolis. The sessions will enhance your understanding and application of key competencies. Plus, it is a wonderful time to connect with fellow healthcare quality professionals who come from all around the country. There is also a virtual attendance option. 

When I became a NAHQ member 10 years ago, it was important for me to get involved with my professional organization. My entry point was as a freshly hired healthcare quality professional. My transition from bedside care to the managed care arena was not easy, but I was lucky enough to have a mentor who introduced me to NAHQ. I attended my first NAHQ conference in 2011 and found that I was surrounded by healthcare quality professionals who were willing, and excited, to share their knowledge with me. I left that conference with a newly found enthusiasm for my new profession.

That first exposure to NAHQ has propelled me to where I am today: NAHQ's president. I wish I could adequately express how NAHQ has affected me professionally. The people I have met, the knowledge I have gained, and the true excitement I feel every day as I go to work, are a direct result of my involvement with NAHQ. And to think that it all started with a conference in 2011! 

Thank you for all you do to improve healthcare quality. 

Carole Pulaski, MSA BSN CPHQ 
NAHQ President