Why CPHQs Are Changing Healthcare

Why CPHQs Are Changing Healthcare

Newly legislated requirements for utilization review in hospitals inspired NAHQ’s launch in 1976 and began its efforts to provide the best knowledge and preparation for healthcare quality professionals to grow and succeed in their careers. Now, more than 40 years later, NAHQ is here, stronger than ever, to partner with both professionals and organizations as they work toward achieving healthcare quality goals.

One of the most important ways we do this is through NAHQ's industry-standard and healthcare’s only accredited quality certification—the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ). Nearly 12,000 individuals around the world, including myself, have earned the CPHQ. Each day, more and more healthcare quality professionals commit to the CPHQ. Increasingly, healthcare systems are reaching out to NAHQ to learn how industry-standard healthcare quality training and certification can make a difference in their workforce development efforts.

As CPHQs, this certification is a distinguishing, individual, professional achievement. It establishes your commitment to the highest quality patient care and healthcare improvement. For organizations who have supported their quality professionals’ pursuit of the certification, the attainment of the CPHQ serves as a mark of distinction for the entire healthcare quality team. CPHQs strengthen the workforce to advance priorities associated with the type of improved outcomes that achieve value and lead to growth.

Are you ready to begin your CPHQ journey or for your team to begin the journey? Here are some actions to consider taking:

  • Register for an upcoming CPHQ Info Session
  • Download a recent CPHQ Info Session
  • Learn about CPHQ Prep materials*
  • Visit our Team Training site

As healthcare organizations look for solutions in the transition to value, they will prioritize improving quality to reach new goals and achieve growth. They will rely on quality professionals to offer workforce solutions. CPHQs, with their certification in industry-standard quality competencies, will be sought-after for their knowledge and credentials.

Quality professionals are well poised to assume a strong leadership role in the transformation of healthcare. With my encouragement, I hope you will take advantage of NAHQ’s leading CPHQ certification and prepare yourself to both step up to new opportunities and meet challenges ahead.

Yours Truly,

NAHQ President

* Please note that you aren’t required to use NAHQ study materials as part of your preparation and that they will not guarantee passing results on the actual CPHQ exam.