NAHQ NEXT - The Leading Conference for the Healthcare Quality Profession

NAHQ NEXT - The Leading Conference for the Healthcare Quality Profession

As healthcare quality professionals, we look for opportunities to improve our projects, processes, and organizations. Making improvements also applies to our own professional development, and NAHQ can help. 

We’re gearing up to convene thousands of healthcare quality professionals in one location—September 16-18 in Phoenix—where you’ll have access to industry experts and a network of peers over the course of three days. You can learn the latest knowledge and strengthen competencies that will prepare you for what’s next in healthcare quality. You can share your experiences about challenges you face. You can celebrate your successes by offering your own insights and best practices. Be part of NAHQ Next and take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the best and connect with your peers. 

Key Workforce Competencies 
Last month, NAHQ unveiled our new Healthcare Quality Competency Framework, which evolved from HQ Essentials, a body of knowledge we released in 2015. HQ Essentials was the first of its kind for the profession, providing clear-cut competencies and dimensions for advanced and master quality professionals. The new HQ Competency Framework is NAHQ’s next generation competency model! It is even more comprehensive than HQ Essentials; it encompasses eight dimensions, 29 competencies, and 486 behavior-based competencies for those at the novice, proficient, or expert level. You can learn more about the framework in our report, Key Workforce Competencies for Quality-Driven Healthcare

Competency-Based Self-Assessment 
In the coming months, you’ll have the opportunity to take NAHQ’s competency-based self-assessment to evaluate your competency level. Your results will help you identify areas of strength and improvement while also giving you insight on how you compare to others.

All of these opportunities are designed to better prepare you to advance healthcare quality in your organization. It’s exciting to be part of a profession and organization that makes such a significant impact, and you are an important contributor. Thank you, and I’ll see you in Phoenix! 

Yours truly, 
NAHQ President