NAHQ's Impact in 2019

NAHQ's Impact in 2019

It’s been an incredible year at NAHQ. I’ve been honored to serve as NAHQ’s president, working with the NAHQ Board and NAHQ CEO to bring greater recognition for the important work you do every day. 

NAHQ made an enormous impact in 2019. Through a variety of our initiatives, we systematically advanced an agenda to improve healthcare quality.

The National Healthcare Quality Summit highlighted the critical need for a coordinated, competent healthcare quality workforce that is ready and able to deliver on the promise of value.

The ground-breaking Workforce Report that outlined NAHQ’s twice-validated Healthcare Quality Competency Framework.

The new, cutting edge tool, NAHQ’s Self-Assessment is designed to help healthcare quality professionals better understand how their roles relate to industry-standard competencies.

NAHQ believes that there is no one better to navigate the changes ahead than with healthcare quality professionals. We have an eye for improvement and a passion for change and making real impact; we better organizational processes, reduce costs and improve safety. And, I believe that no matter where we practice healthcare quality, we are in this profession because we’re ALL working toward one goal: providing better quality care to the people we serve.

This is why NAHQ focuses on efforts that will showcase how essential you are. It’s also why NAHQ will continue to build resources to further advance our industry-standard healthcare quality competencies across the country and around the world.

It’s been my honor and privilege to be the 2019 NAHQ president and serving in this role, I know the most powerful contributors to the profession are those doing the work: you!

Thank you for all you do and Happy Holidays!

Yours truly,

NAHQ President