NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework

The industry-standard NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework was developed and validated by a diverse group of healthcare quality leaders. These experts categorized healthcare quality work into eight dimensions, which are comprised of 29 competencies. There are over 450 behaviors, sorted by level, associated with the Framework.

NAHQ Rights & Permissions

NAHQ receives frequent requests from individuals and organizations to use the Framework in various formats. Below is a list of intended uses, solutions and instructions on how to properly request permission from NAHQ: 

For Individual Use 

I want to use NAHQ’s Healthcare Quality Competency Framework for professional development.
The NAHQ Self-Assessment is a valuable professional develop service driven by the Framework; it allows healthcare quality professionals to benchmark against their peers and take the necessary steps to increase overall proficiency and effectiveness in healthcare quality. Access the NAHQ Self-Assessment.

I need a visual representation of the NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework for use in a presentation for internal stakeholders at my organization. 
Download the Framework graphic.

I want to reference NAHQ’s Healthcare Quality Competency Framework in a scholarly paper/research project/etc. 
The Journal for Healthcare Quality published a peer-reviewed article in its July/August 2019 issue that can be referenced. Learn more about how permission can be obtained. 

For Organizational Use (e.g., healthcare delivery, payor, non-profit, etc.)

My organization wants to improve the hiring process by including Healthcare Quality Competency Framework dimension areas or competency statements in our healthcare quality professional job descriptions.
Please submit your request.

Our organization wants to use NAHQ’s Healthcare Quality Competency Framework to support workforce development.
NAHQ offers turn-key, competency-based training aligned with the industry-standard Framework. Learn more.

I want to use the NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework to assess my team. 
At this time, only the individual Self-Assessment service is available; it would be up to the individual team members to voluntarily share results with their managers and/or teams. Organizations may purchase multiple individual Self-Assessment products for their staff. Submit your request.

For Corporate Use (e.g., for-profit, consultants, etc.)

My organization wants to create and/or distribute a derivative work using the NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework; derivative works are defined as imitative of the work of another person or something that is based on another source. Some examples include undergraduate or graduate course curriculum, an assessment tool, etc. 
NAHQ does not grant permission for derivative works in which we do not maintain intellectual property rights, nor does NAHQ allow for-profit or consulting organizations to use the Framework without an appropriate licensing agreement and fee. We are, however, excited that you have taken such a great interest in the Framework, and we’d like to talk with you further and discuss your goals. Please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..