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If you are looking for professional development in healthcare quality, your first step should be the NAHQ Self-Assessment.

With its expanding boundaries, shared responsibilities and call for collaboration, the role of healthcare quality has been difficult to define, and a career path hard to determine. Until now.

For the first time ever, healthcare quality professionals have a resource to turn to for career development that promotes industry-standard competencies across the profession and shared quality and safety practices across the continuum of care.


The NAHQ Self-Assessment is a cutting-edge interactive career tool based on the twice-validated industry-standard NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework. It is available to professionals working in healthcare quality in the United States through the purchase of a one-year subscription. A workforce assessment solution for organizations is being developed by NAHQ.

Healthcare quality has been called everyone’s work. But it is a healthcare quality professional’s job to manage and lead.

Through its expansive reporting and powerful interactive benchmarking, the NAHQ Self-Assessment allows you to reflect on your career and make decisions about today and tomorrow, confident you are following the industry-standard competencies defining a dynamically changing field.

What to Expect

Your responses to a 30-minute survey determine your level within each of the eight dimensions of the NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework. Your results are displayed on an interactive dashboard that allows you to benchmark against other healthcare quality professionals through filters such as:

  • Primary job responsibility
  • Job levels
  • Education levels
  • Years of experience
  • Employer types
  • Employer size

The Self-Assessment data will update as more healthcare quality professionals take the survey, allowing you to check back and benchmark yourself to understand how the profession is evolving and how you might want to adjust your career.

Gain Access to New Content and Resources to Align With Your Career

Plan your career with ongoing updates to content and resources recommended to you through your personalized dashboard:

  • Tutorials about each of the eight dimensions of healthcare quality
  • Templates for an annual professional development plan
  • Tips on preparing for your annual review
  • Links to relevant webcasts on topics such as communication, interpersonal skills, adaptability, facilitation, problem solving, and leadership

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 The $79 introductory rate for one-year subscriptions is for a limited time only.

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