Frequently Asked Questions

About NAHQ Self-Assessment

How was the Healthcare Quality Competency Framework developed?

The NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework, which the NAHQ Self-Assessment is based upon, was developed and validated by a diverse group of healthcare quality leaders. These experts categorized healthcare quality work into eight dimensions, which are comprised of 29 competencies. There are over 450 behaviors, sorted by level, associated with the framework. 

Does the NAHQ Self-Assessment assess competency?

No, the NAHQ Self-Assessment does not assess individual or workforce competency. In the survey, you are evaluating what you are currently doing in your job. The Interactive Dashboard allows you to benchmark the healthcare quality work you do in your job with the work others do in the healthcare quality profession.

Does every professional working in healthcare quality need to be at the executive level in all eight dimensions?

All healthcare quality professionals should be at the operational level in all eight dimensions; however, because professionals may often specialize in certain areas or are currently in a role that does not provide or require experience in all areas, it is standard for levels to vary across the Healthcare Quality Competency Framework.

I expected my result(s) to be at a different level.

This is meant to be an introspective process that will help you recognize where to focus your professional development efforts. Your job title and/or years of experience in healthcare quality are not the only (or strongest) indicators of your level in each dimension area. For example, you may only be required to focus on a few of the competency areas in your current role. If you are not able to routinely practice competencies from other dimension areas, it will reflect in your results.

It is not necessary to be at the executive level in all areas, nor would it be expected that healthcare quality professionals are executives in all areas, regardless of title, role, education and/or years of experience. The NAHQ Self-Assessment will simply help you recognize what skills and knowledge will be beneficial to you professionally given your current role, your organization and your long-term career goals.

And because of NAHQ’s commitment to data integrity, we regularly audit the Self-Assessment to ensure scores are tabulated correctly.

Why can’t I view all the behaviors in the Healthcare Quality Competency Framework?

NAHQ is a nonprofit organization committed to developing the healthcare quality workforce for high-quality, cost-effective care across the continuum. The NAHQ Self-Assessment was determined to be the best method to disseminate the behaviors and ensure adoption and application.

How much does the NAHQ Self-Assessment cost?

Eligible NAHQ members and nonmembers based in the United States may purchase a subscription to the NAHQ Self-Assessment for $79.

How long is the subscription?

One year; you will be reminded when it is time to renew.

Do I receive CPHQ CE credits for completing the Self-Assessment?

No, CPHQ CE credit is not awarded for completing the Self-Assessment. However, NAHQ is considering offering credit for this service in the future.

Will the Self-Assessment be updated or change in the future?

Yes, there may be updates to the pre-survey questionnaire or associated content and resources, but the survey will not change.

How often is NAHQ going to provide new resources?

Resources will be updated regularly, as content is curated and developed.

Does the Self-Assessment provide a timeline for me to attain my professional development goals?

With a subscription to the Interactive Dashboard, you will have access to a library of resources to help you set goals and advance your knowledge and skills. These resources will include career development tools, such as templates for an annual professional development plan, career maps, sample job descriptions, salary surveys and tips on preparing for your annual review. NAHQ will also provide links to relevant webcasts on topics such as communication, interpersonal skills, adaptability, facilitation, problem solving and leadership. In addition, there will be specific documentation and tutorials about each of the dimensions.

How often can I retake the survey?

The survey can only be taken one time within your year-long subscription period to ensure the integrity of the data.

If I participate in the NAHQ Self-Assessment, should I still pursue the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) certification?

Yes! The CPHQ is an objective, accredited validation of your healthcare quality knowledge. The NAHQ Self-Assessment is based on your subjective perspective and is intended to help you identify opportunities for professional development.

About the Data

How is the data I provide going to be used in the NAHQ Self-Assessment?

Your survey responses are used to calculate your scores. The information you provide in your demographic profile and your survey responses are combined with data from other users to produce the comparison data and filtering criteria.

Why is the data always changing?

Your scores will not change, but as more healthcare quality professionals participate in the survey, the percentile data will change based on their results. This makes the report more insightful over time, so it is useful to check it on a regular basis.

Is the data statistically significant?

As more people participate in the survey, the dashboard will become increasingly more reflective of the current state of the healthcare quality profession. Note that NAHQ regularly audits the Self-Assessment results to ensure scores are being tabulated correctly.

Should I report my results in my annual review?

The results of the NAHQ Self-Assessment are meant to support professional development planning, not performance management. If you discuss your professional development goals during your annual review, you may want to refer to your scores. It is important to note, however, that the results of the survey are subjective, as is your annual review.

About Eligibility

I am a NAHQ member located outside the United States. Why am I not able to participate in the NAHQ Self-Assessment?

Laws and compliance vary by country and the NAHQ Self-Assessment only complies with U.S. laws; therefore, only practicing healthcare quality professionals in the United States are eligible to participate. We hope to be able to expand globally in the future.