Looking for a corporate workforce assessment solution for your organization?

NAHQ understands that organizations are eager to improve workforce competencies in quality, to better understand where they are today so they build for the future. To meet that need, NAHQ is developing a workforce study tool specifically designed for corporate use.

Here’s what you need to know.

Can I utilize NAHQ’s current individual self-assessment to do this?

While it is tempting to use an existing NAHQ solution to address the urgent need of assessing and aligning your workforce, NAHQ highly recommends you wait for the resource designed just for corporations. While the current tool is great for an individual’s personal self-reflection and continued professional development, it is not designed to give you the corporate level insights you need as a leader and advocate for change.

Will I have access to Healthcare Quality Competency Framework content not currently available?

As part of the corporate workforce assessment solution, NAHQ intends to license all elements of the Framework not currently released to the public. These include the 486 behavior statements so healthcare organizations have a comprehensive view into the work of quality in detail across all operational, managerial and executive levels.

When will the corporate workforce assessment solution launch?

In the spirit of learning through continuous improvement, NAHQ is taking time to pilot, get user feedback and improve the experience before launching to the wider healthcare market in early 2021.

How do I receive information about the formal launch of this solution?

Sign up below. As we approach a formal roll-out, NAHQ will use this list to reach out to interested organizations.