Accelerate Workforce Readiness to Deliver on Quality and Safety 

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Assess. Plan. Upskill.

Workforce Accelerator® is a scalable, three-phase enterprise solution for healthcare organizations to collaborate with NAHQ to accelerate their quality journey — assessing, planning and upskilling to leverage their quality workforce.

Workforce Accelerator helps organizations to prioritize their opportunities to accelerate achievement of their quality and performance improvement goals.

Insights From a Workforce Accelerator Participant

More and more, we hear from healthcare leaders about the variability in their workforce even among similar roles across the organization. Standardizing competencies across roles and responsibilities in healthcare quality is the key to helping your organization achieve its quality and safety goals faster. NAHQ’s Workforce Accelerator can get you there.

Hear from Katharyn (Taryn) Kennedy, MD, CPHQ, system vice president of quality at Bon Secours Mercy Health, about the impact Workforce Accelerator has had on her organization.

Improve Competencies. Get Results.

Workforce Accelerator addresses your healthcare organization's multi-year quality agenda by focusing on developing healthcare quality competencies in your workforce through a multi-phased approach.


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Professional Assessment

Assess the workforce against NAHQ’s Healthcare Quality Competency Framework and utilize the Workforce Accelerator Dashboard to stratify results

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Workforce Summary Report

Align key findings from the Professional Assessment to potential organizational barriers

Delineate the current state/gap analysis and map quality goals to the Healthcare Quality Competency Framework in the Workforce Summary Report

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Competency Prioritization

Identify workforce upskilling opportunities relative to organizational goals to prioritize competencies for upskilling

Develop Competency Prioritization Matrix to focus enterprise and individual solutions

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Upskilling Roadmap

Generate a custom Upskilling Roadmap for the quality workforce in accordance with organizational goals, allowing for different roll-up views (e.g., by market, facility) as well as down to the individual level

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Training & Upskilling

Conduct training and upskilling activities based on prioritized competencies and track progress with an Annual Workforce Reassessment

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Annual Workforce Reassessment

Refresh of Workforce Summary Report, Competency Prioritization Matrix, and Upskilling Roadmap

Coaching & Advisement
Coaching and advisement provided by a NAHQ Navigator throughout all three phases.

“Without Workforce Accelerator, we would have struggled to get actionable data to make decisions, and it would have been an overwhelming process. NAHQ's solution captures this data for us, and we can then use it to work toward developing the standard for quality throughout Bon Secours Mercy Health.”

Katharyn (Taryn) Kennedy, MD CPHQ

System Vice President of Quality
Bon Secours Mercy Health

Standardization Is the Key to Improving Quality

If your healthcare organization recognizes that the readiness of your healthcare quality workforce is the key to meeting the multitude of challenges facing healthcare today, then Workforce Accelerator is for you.

Workforce Accelerator is for organizations who want to take a systematic approach to creating the quality management workforce of the future by pinpointing upskilling efforts for their quality professionals by design based on the industry standard NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework.

NAHQ's Workforce Report

This latest research sought to answer the question: Is today's healthcare workforce doing the work that will advance clinical priorities of quality, safety, equity, value and system sustainability?

Findings indicate the answer is no.

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Start your quality workforce transformation today.