About the study:

Healthcare transformation requires a healthcare quality workforce with the requisite expertise to lead, oversee, and implement positive change within healthcare organizations. The National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) Competency Framework, which spans 29 competencies across 8 domains of healthcare quality, outlines the specific knowledge and skills needed to advance personal and organizational quality goals.

This study describes 1,671 responses to the NAHQ Professional Assessment survey from a diverse group of healthcare quality professionals representative of NAHQ’s professional community. Results show that two-thirds of respondents indicated they are working in 4 or more competency domains, with 85% reporting working in Performance and Process Improvement. Results also indicate that individuals who hold the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) certification perform work at more advanced levels across all eight domains of the competency framework. This was statistically significant for 13 of the 29 competencies including all three competency statements within the Performance and Process Improvement domain.

Healthcare organizations need a workforce with specialized quality and safety expertise to advance quality goals, and this study suggests that those who invest in continued professional development by attaining the CPHQ certification may be better positioned to contribute meaningfully to advance these goals and improve organizational outcomes.

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