3:00-4:00 pm
Room: 301 ABC West

Customer Obsession, Fads, and System Thinking: Why Should We Care?
Presenter: Carole S. Guinane, RN MBA CPHQ

Customer obsession and system thinking is not new to healthcare and to quality. Meeting or exceeding the expectations of the customer in a complex environment is a healthcare quality pillar. Customer obsession is currently a leadership value expression, but it's a good one, and to do it right requires vision, strategy, and system thinking application. This session will explore tools, methods, case studies, and lessons learned to be successful. We will take a journey through the years to celebrate quality staples and also ponder how new thinking, fads, successes, and failures factor into the equation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Share ideas and stretch our brains about customer obsession, fads, and system thinking
  • Learn the basics of working backwards as it relates to customer and system thinking
  • Enhance our quality tool box with customer and system thinking methodologies
  • Appreciate what quality professionals can do for our customers and what we can give back to our organizations

NAHQ NEXT Speaker Carole GuinaneCarole Guinane is the vice president of system orthopedics and rehab for Sentara. Guinane has extensive experience at the chief clinical officer, corporate vice president and vice president levels at health care systems in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Colorado. From steering system-wide initiatives and introducing/expanding orthopedic service lines, to leading the charge on opening multi-million dollar ambulatory surgery centers, Guinane has delivered demonstrated successes. Guinane has authored and co-authored numerous books on various health care topics, including outpatient policies, improving quality, value based programs, and analyzing clinical care pathways. She also has published several articles in the Journal for Healthcare Quality and the American Heart Hospital Journal, and presented at national and regional conferences for organizations such as NAHQ, Becker ASC Conference, and the IHI on topics such as healthcare quality, leadership data analysis and process improvement. Guinane is the President-Elect for NAHQ and served as the Competency Commission chair. Guinane is a board member for the Hospital for Extended Recovery and the Sentara CarePlex Orthopaedic Hospital Management Board. She is also an advisor for BurstIQ.

Audience Level: CPHQ/Mid
Topic: Performance & Process Improvement
Date: September 16
Available for Virtual Conference