3:00-4:00 pm
Room: 224 AB North

Engaging Stakeholders to Improve Chronic Care Outcomes in the Ambulatory Healthcare Setting
Presenters: Dawn Ducote, LCSW, and Charles Q. Brenke, RN CCM

This session will describe the challenges of engaging patients and staff in improving outcome measures across a healthcare system. Wellpath is a healthcare company which partners with local, state, and federal government to provide healthcare services. When Wellpath assumed the Arkansas DOC contract we identified early on that Chronic Care outcomes were the primary outcome measure to improve our patients' health. But how do you accomplish that with a patient population who did not have the same priorities? While our staff understood the importance, their ownership of their role in effecting outcomes was not widely possessed. We will discuss our problem identification, how we partnered with third party auditors, triaged and prioritized improvements, and deployed actions to gain engagement across the spectrum of stakeholders. This session will lead you down a multi-year process of successes and learning opportunities we experienced while trying to improve our Chronic Care outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Developing ownership across disciplines to affect change in a complex system
  • Engaging patients in the care continuum to improve health outcomes

Dawn Ducote is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) who has worked in the mental health and criminal justice/correctional environment for 20+ years and has 10 years experience in quality improvement and patient safety. She is passionate about providing marginalized and disenfranchised populations with equitable care. She has published works on Quality Improvement in the periodical Correctional Health Care Report and co-authored a chapter on quality improvement in the Management and Administration of Correctional Heath Care 2nd Edition. Ducote is currently serving as the Director of Continuous Quality Improvement at Wellpath, a healthcare company that serves government clients with responsibilities for correctional facilities and psychiatric/behavioral health facilities.

Charles Brenke is uniquely qualified to present on this topic being that he has been in the nursing field for 10 years with extensive knowledge in acute care, commercial insurance, and continuous quality improvement. Brenke has worked closely with clinical and administrative staff on core measures and national standards. He has managed the Arkansas Department of Corrections Continuous Quality Improvement Program through Wellpath for two years, and he feels that his hands-on approach to improve the quality of care for our patient population could benefit all colleagues in this profession.

Audience Level: Core/Early
Topic: Performance & Process Improvement
Date: September 16