10:00-11:00 am
Room: 228 AB North

High Reliability: Structure, Implementation and Evaluation of the Journey to Zero Harm
Presenter: Magdee Hugais, MBA

This session is intended to provide a successful example to the Journey to Zero Harm while exploring successes and opportunities that healthcare systems face in the implementation journey. The concepts of high reliability organization (HRO) and Zero Harm will be explained with historical background and results. Participants will be able to examine this improvement model and tools to connect their organization's levels in an interconnected Rapid Performance Improvement with front-line drivers and sustainable winnings. The quality tools utilized in this presentation include Lean, PDSA Cycle, Change Acceleration Process (CAP) and Culture of Safety Model. Additional organization's tools include implementation of Daily Safety Huddle, Rabid Improvement for Safety Event (RISE) Team, Clinical Governing Board Subcommittee, Rapid Performance Improvement Task-forces, and Visual Huddle Management. This road map to zero harm is important to healthcare quality because it provides a comprehensive approach to communication, implementation, and sustainability especially in a cooperate structure.

Learning Objectives:

  • Present a sound structure to Performance Improvement across the organization
  • Describe the integration between different levels of the organization toward higher performance
  • Empowering front-line staff to employ Rapid Performance Improvement tools to drive significant and sustained changes

Magdee Hugais, MBA, is quality manager-organizational performance at Adventist Health Bakersfield.

Audience Level: CPHQ/Mid
Topic: Performance & Process Improvement
Date: September 16