10:00-11:00 am
Room: 225 AB North 

Let Your Data Speak for Itself: Master Insightful Data Visualizations
Presenters: Kristen Geissler, MS PT MBA, and Beth Greskovich

How do you tell the best story with your data to multiple audiences? How do you simplify complex data and messages into impactful and actionable reports? This session will demonstrate best practices related to data display and analysis visualizations using various tools and products. The attendee will see examples of effective and ineffective data display as well as learn tools and techniques to ensure accurate communication of quality data and outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate key components of data display
  • Compare and contrast different types of charts and visualizations
  • Create concise and impactful data displays
  • Apply best practices of communication of outcomes to different audiences

NAHQ NEXT Spearker Kristen GeisslerKristen Geissler has 25 years of healthcare quality experience, with a focus in quality measurement and accountability, particularly quality-based reimbursement and alternative payment methodologies, as well as quality and performance improvement process and design. Prior to her consulting career, Geissler was the Director of Quality Improvement for a Maryland health system. Her clinical background, hospital operations experience, and consulting experience is an asset to healthcare provider clients, including hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, and physician practices.

Audience Level: CPHQ/Mid
Topic: Health Data Analytics
Date: September 16