3:00-4:00 pm
Room: 222 ABC North 

Physical Activity and Readmissions: It Is Time
Presenter: Corley Roberts, MHA CPHQ ACSM EP-C

This session's purpose is to bring education and awareness of the opportunities for physical activity assessment and counseling to be integrated into a readmission prevention program. This is important to healthcare quality as the nation's penalties for high rate of readmissions continues and includes post-acute care providers. A missed opportunity is that evidence-based exercise is often left off the table for discussion as part of a care coordination/transition program for reducing preventable readmissions rather than added as a vital component. Recent study showed that patients who exercised in a cardiac rehab program were 42% less likely to return to the hospital. Participants will take away tools, resources, and knowledge needed to take action. Session resources include exercise assessment and program tools, exercise and chronic disease management tools, guidelines and recommendations for physical activity, and case studies demonstrating improved outcomes using exercise in populations with various chronic conditions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply a physical activity assessment to determine physical activity appropriateness and readiness
  • Engage in open-ended dialogue with patient/family regarding a physical activity component to patient's treatment plan
  • Develop a plan to document and provide physical activity plans and a way to monitor and track progress/outcomes
  • Create a system for referrals to an appropriate outpatient physical activity resource
  • Engage patient in self-management and goal setting techniques in adopting physical activity as part of a lifestyle goal rather than short-term goal

NAHQ NEXT Speaker Corley RobertsCorley Roberts holds a national certification as a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) and has worked under a CMS contract for almost 7 years to help reduce avoidable hospital readmissions, improve care coordination, and decrease costs across all settings. Roberts works in community setting of multilevel providers and under direction from Qsource, Tennessee's Quality Improvement Organization, help to facilitate 11 provider communities across the state of Tennessee to reach national and regional goals. She held the position of President for Tennessee Association for Healthcare Quality for three years and currently maintains the Past President role. In her role as Quality Improvement Advisor for Qsource, she presents regularly on community specific data, analysis, and provides technical assistance to providers regarding care coordination and readmissions. Roberts holds a national certification with the ACSM as an Exercise Physiologist and specializes in chronic disease prevention and management using physical activity and exercise as part of the treatment plan.

Audience Level: CPHQ/Mid
Topic: Population Health & Care Transitions
Date: September 16