3:00-4:00 pm
Room: 226 ABC North

Breaking Down Silos: A Blueprint for Integrating Quality, Safety, Service, Workforce Development & Engagement
Presenter: Istikram Qaderi, MD MPS

Over the past decade since the CMS’s push for value-based care, we’ve seen an increased burden for healthcare organizations to do it all: provide high-quality care, reduce cost, and improve safety, patient experience, workforce engagement and skills—all without adding resources. As our patients and payers demand transparency, our industry reacts to these external demands by rolling out initiatives on a project-by-project basis. As a result, even good intentions lead to dissatisfied patients, errors, higher cost of care, financial loss, and weary and disengaged staff.

As the demand for performance and transparency escalates in the face of reimbursement cuts, organizations have to examine how to stay financially viable and deliver highly reliable care.
The current reactionary approach is a formula for disaster. Focusing on one priority at a time can cause us to lose sight of other critical aspects, such as safety or financial health. To thrive and provide high-quality care, we need to transition from this project approach to a proactive systems approach, leveraging the horizontal linkages across service lines and departments to break down the silos. Priorities like patient experience, quality, safety, workforce engagement, and financial health cannot be addressed in a way that is mutually exclusive but that addresses all of these elements comprehensively. The ultimate goal is to create a systems approach that drives a culture of excellence by focusing on personal accountability, ownership, engagement, learning, and performance excellence—or what I call Will, Skill, and Systems Framework. As the standard raises for our industry, it’s crucial that we examine a culture and a system that allows us to sustain our gains while honoring the reality of an organization’s capacity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will understand:
    • The Current State in Healthcare
    • The Chaos and Disconnect
    • The Challenges
    • Why We Have to Change
  • The Three Essentials for Organizational Excellence – The Road Map
    • Systems Framework
    • Skill
    • Will
  • What Does Transforming into a High Performing and Highly Reliable Organization Look Like, and How Do We Know When We Are There? (The Metrics to Measure Success)

NAHQ NEXT Istikram QaderiDr. Istikram Qaderi is a senior healthcare executive with over 15 years of experience transforming healthcare organizations to high-performing, clinically integrated and customer-oriented organizations. He is the author of multiple articles, national speaker and subject matter expert on Systems Thinking & Framework, Quality, Safety (Just Culture), Performance Excellence & Lean, Patient Experience (Service Excellence), Culture Transformation, Physician/Staff Engagement and Creating High-Performing Organizations to nationally known exemplar large scope healthcare systems, national quality organizations and state hospital associations across the US. Dr. Qaderi is currently Chief Quality & Transformation Officer at Penn Highlands Healthcare, the largest health system in Northwestern-Central Pennsylvania. Penn Highlands Healthcare system consists of five hospitals, home care agency, two long-term care facilities, community pharmacies, over 90 clinics, and more than 4,400 employees, and a medical staff of more than 700 providers.

Audience Level: General Session
Topic: Leadership/Career Development
Date: September 16