11:15 am-12:15 pm
Room: 229 AB North 

Simplifying Quality Improvement Plans, Programs, and Reports: Give Yourself Some Credit
Presenter: Constance S. Pullen, RN MHA

This session is intended to assist quality professionals and organizations that are struggling to develop a performance improvement plan, program, and reporting system. Organizations often struggle, become overwhelmed or fail completely, when they attempt to create an inclusive performance improvement program. This session is designed to give the participants a step-by-step framework, based on real hospital case studies, on the ways to assess current organizational activities and convert them into the actions that meet regulatory requirements and improve the organization's quality. The session includes practical tips on developing a reporting system that will fit any hospital's budget, and discuss common pitfalls for large organizations (forget to include the basics) and small hospitals (doing more than needed). Quality professionals have overflowing workloads and hospitals have shrinking budgets; therefore, capitalizing on current organizational activities can decrease workload and expenses. Working smarter and not harder must become a way of life.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a performance improvement plan and program, which satisfies the requirements of regulatory agencies and capitalizes on current hospital activities
  • Identify common quality management pitfalls for both large organizations and small hospitals
  • Develop a simple performance improvement reporting system, which meets the accreditation requirements and organizational needs

Constance Pullen has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare leadership and is currently with Joint Commission Resources as a quality consultant. Pullen concentrates on regulatory readiness, performance improvement, patient satisfaction, patient safety, and risk management. Pullen's former facility was recognized for outstanding achievements in performance improvement and was consistently ranked in the top 10% of Joint Commission accredited hospitals in the nation. She has been an educator to clinical staff, leader, medical staff, and Board of Trustee members with a focus on culture of safety, high reliability, performance improvement, and regulatory compliance. She led many LEAN teams, which have resulted in great improvements in patient safety, patient satisfaction, and Emergency Department through-put. Pullen was recognized for her outstanding achievements as a Chief Nursing Officer, awarded for excellence in Quality Management, and was honored by the Oregon Hospital Association as the Healthcare Administrator of Year.

Audience Level: Core/Early
Topic: Performance & Process Improvement
Date: September 16