1:45-2:45 pm
Room: 225 AB North

The Art & Science of Storytelling: 5 Steps Toward Meaningful Change
Presenter: Andrew Kopolow, MPA MSW CPHQ PMP CSSBB

This session will explore methods of weaving data visualizations with techniques of persuasive argument to tell stories designed to incite change. Next generation healthcare quality professionals must develop strong communication competencies in order to effectively navigate an era of shorter attention spans, fewer resources, and increasingly competitive bids for executive sponsorship of disruptive initiatives. Participants will gain an understanding of five critical concepts necessary for crafting highly compelling yet elegantly succinct business cases for change that will optimize their chances for key stakeholder buy-in.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create distilled, focused messages that minimize use of extraneous or peripheral data sets and are tailored to the venue in which they are received (e.g., in person, e-mail, etc)
  • Create or modify data visualizations in order to maximize the target audience's comprehension/understanding of the current state and/or historical trend
  • Leverage communication techniques to provoke a need to act and evoke a sense of urgency (i.e., create a burning platform)
  • Integrate anecdote/patient stories into the business case in order to create emotional appeal
  • Understand the importance of trust in the 'messenger' and establish ongoing, personalized communication with key stakeholders in order to mitigate hesitancy for buy-in due to lack of trust

NAHQ Next Speaker Andrew KopolowAndrew Kopolow draws on close to 20 years of experience in healthcare with roles ranging from direct practice clinician to Director of Quality Management. He is currently a process improvement consultant with UnitedHealthcare's corporate quality team and an adjunct instructor within United's Operational Excellence program. Kopolow is a member of the faculty at Thomas Jefferson University's College of Population Health and teaches graduate courses in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety. Previously, he was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Phoenix where he taught courses in Healthcare Quality Management and Outcomes Analysis (2011-2017). He served on the Board of Directors at the Association for Healthcare Quality of Arizona (2012-2015) and rejoins the Board as President-Elect in 2019. He has also been an active volunteer with NAHQ since 2014, most notably serving on the Board of Directors where he chaired the Competencies Commission (2016-2017).

Audience Level: HQ Essentials/Advanced
Topic: Performance & Process Improvement
Date: September 16