Do your quality staff and frontline staff speak the same language and have familiarity with the same tools needed to support your quality mission?

In most healthcare organizations, they don’t!

There are many people involved in day-to-day operations that see and can identify a need for improvement, but they struggle with how to get started. Finding the time to train everyone and help them get started can seem daunting. But what if there was a solution that made this process easier and more efficient?

NAHQ has the solution to close the gap between your quality and frontline clinical staff — a gap the prevents your organization from doing its very best.

NAHQ Concepts in Healthcare Quality and Safety for Frontline Staff will help your system:

  • Create a standard shared vocabulary and toolkit among everyone involved in delivering quality, safety and value 
  • Reduce the time and effort to build interdisciplinary teams and sustain initiatives 
  • Ensure your workforce is coordinated and competent to deliver high-quality safe care

NAHQ Concepts offers an introduction to fundamentals of healthcare quality based on industry-standard quality workforce competencies. This one-hour, independent online course covers the following topics:

  • The purpose of healthcare quality
  • Fundamentals of healthcare quality
  • Quality improvement processes and methods
  • Using data for decision-making
  • Teamwork
  • And, how to put it all together!

NAHQ Concepts teaches basic techniques for your staff and leadership to complete a cycle of improvement, implement sustainable change in processes and be able to tell their story of improvement. It is SCORM compliant and can be easily implemented through your existing learning management system (LMS) for easy access by your entire healthcare community. Or, your team can access it through NAHQ’s LMS at a slightly higher cost.


Who is NAHQ Concepts for?

  • Clinical staff
  • Service-line supervisors
  • Administrative staff
  • C-suite and executive management
  • Board members

Why should you rely on NAHQ to train frontline staff?

NAHQ is helping organizations improve healthcare outcomes and attain sustainable models for delivering high-quality healthcare by reducing variability in healthcare quality workforce competencies.

  • Health systems and academic programs are adopting the industry-standard NAHQ Healthcare Quality Workforce Competency Framework.
  • Graduate healthcare programs are recognizing NAHQ’s Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) for masters’ degree credit and integrating NAHQ content into their curriculum.
  • Other healthcare quality and safety leaders are adopting CPHQ® training into their international education programs. Read NAHQ's Solutions Report Series for examples.


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