The Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) is central to NAHQ’s mission of developing a competent, qualified healthcare workforce to advance quality and safe patient care. To ensure the integrity of the CPHQ, which is the only certification in healthcare quality accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, NAHQ vigilantly abides by and enforces worldwide the CPHQ Disciplinary Policies and Procedures (Procedures) and other governing rules of The Healthcare Quality Certification Commission (HQCC).

HQCC determines whether those seeking the CPHQ are eligible, administers the CPHQ exam, and addresses complaints against those who earned or are seeking CPHQ certification. In doing so, HQCC must adhere to the CPHQ Disciplinary Policies and Procedures and other governing rules. The Procedures dictate, among other things, the manner in which HQCC addresses improper conduct and determines disciplinary action.

All CPHQ candidates must agree to the Procedures before taking the test as provided in the Domestic and International Candidate Examination Handbook.

NAHQ strongly protects the credibility of the CPHQ certification. As such, NAHQ conducts regular forensic analyses to detect and stop exam fraud, including the use of unauthorized study materials.

When exam responses indicate participation in fraud, exam results are withheld pending further investigation.

NAHQ reserves the right to invalidate CPHQ test results, to prohibit or ban a person from taking the CPHQ exam and to decertify a CPHQ certification holder if participation in exam fraud is determined. More information is available in the Procedures.