Recognition for Outstanding Contributions


The NAHQ Fellowship Program recognizes NAHQ members who have made outstanding contributions to the healthcare quality profession. Pursuit of fellowship demonstrates dedication to excellence, NAHQ and a commitment to leadership in the profession.

Those who hold this prestigious designation are recognized as leaders in NAHQ and the profession. The FNAHQ designation signifies that you are committed to the profession of healthcare quality, both personally and professionally.

Through our Fellowship Program, we recognize those who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the field of healthcare quality and who actively engage in advancing the profession and NAHQ. Our Fellowship Review Team considers applicants who have made contributions in three of the following four categories:

  • Leadership/Service (required)
  • Published works
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Mentorship

Applying for NAHQ Fellowship

All prospective FNAHQ candidates must declare their intent to apply, in writing, to the NAHQ Fellowship Review Team Leader by April 12, 2023. This letter should be submitted electronically to Amanda Belknap, NAHQ staff, at Completed applications are due by June 16, 2023.

These NAHQ fellows demonstrate outstanding contributions to the healthcare quality profession, dedication to excellence and commitment to leadership.

Lecia Albright

Linda Appel

Frank Appel

Sandra Bassett Robins

Christy Beaudin

Heidi Benson

Betty Brown

Janet Brown

Anna Marie Butrie

Kathy Chai

Nancy Claflin

Kathryn Clinefelter

Jacque Cole

Sarah Cottington

Virginia D'Addario

Nancy Dixon

Therese Dodd

Claire Dunn Davis

Cathy Duquette

Rebecca Eiss

Tricia Elliott

Barbara Fuchs

Anita Garrison

Cheri Graham-Clark

Carole Guinane

LJ Guthmann

Lee Hamilton

Lee Ann Hanna

John Hartley

Kate Hatfield

Susan Hendrickson

Mary Huddleston

Andrew Kopolow

Rose Langdon

Pat Lefkowitz-Ziegler

Nancy Lima

Susan Mellott

Marsha Moxley

Susan Nance

Lenard Parisi

Sarah Pavelka

Luc Pelletier

Denise Place

Janice Redmond

Julia Rieve

Krishnan Sankaranarayan

Terri Savino

Christina Slee

Wayne Soo Hoo

Renae Spohn

Martha Stephan

Diane Storer Brown

Paula Swain

Edward Syron

Sarah Tackett

Norma Torres Delgado

Shelley Voelz

Wayne Wasden

Susan White

Faye Wilson

Nidia Williams

Pradeep Podila