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NAHQ positions professionals working in healthcare quality to expand their own careers and for employers to find top talent to fill their healthcare quality teams. 

Career Center

The NAHQ Career Center provides employers high visibility to candidates and employees with exposure to a variety of positions. Thousands of highly qualified quality professionals use this resource containing hundreds of current listings for quality roles in a variety of settings and for a wide range of skill sets. 

Demonstrate Your Value

The CPHQ certification is increasingly in demand by organizations, as evidenced by more than half of jobs in NAHQ’s Career Center requiring or preferring candidates hold this credential. 

NAHQ research shows CPHQs

  • Work at higher levels of competency compared with non-CPHQs in all eight domains of NAHQ’s Healthcare Quality Competency Framework.
  • Aspire to be thought leaders within the healthcare quality arena.
  • Are more likely to hold higher job titles than those who do not have CPHQ. Job titles include: Director, Executive Director, VP.

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