NAHQ Volunteer Leadership

The NAHQ Board of Directors are esteemed healthcare quality leaders who lead the development of NAHQ’s vision and mission. They hold expansive and forward-looking views of healthcare quality and its role in improving healthcare.

The board positions NAHQ to provide a strategic advantage to healthcare quality professionals and healthcare organizations in their quest to reduce variability in care delivery and drive value through improved outcomes.

2021 NAHQ Board of Directors

Marian Savage

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emmett ervin

Emmett Ervin

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carole guinane

Carole Guinane

Immediate Past President
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patricia kirkpatrick

Patricia Kirkpatrick

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michael friedman

Michael Friedman

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eric witte

Eric Witte

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esther emard e1603808090113

Esther Emard

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april taylor

April M. Taylor

Healthcare Quality Certification Commission Chair
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nahq next 2020 speaker dr. nidia williams e1592234880634

Nidia Williams

Competencies Commission Chair
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patty resnik

Patricia Resnik

Education Commission Chair
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cheri graham clark

Cheri Graham-Clark

Recognition of the Profession Commission Chair
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nahq ceo stephanie mercado (1) (3)

Stephanie Mercado

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