NAHQ® receives frequent requests from individuals and organizations to utilize NAHQ logos, marks and work products. Below is a list of intended uses, solutions and instructions on how to properly request permission from NAHQ.

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NAHQ encourages organizations to use the NAHQ website as a resource. You may provide a link to the NAHQ website,

NAHQ Trademarks and Copyrights

The following are registered trademarks and copyrights of NAHQ and should only be used with permission of NAHQ and as explained below.


  • National Association for Healthcare Quality® and NAHQ®
  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® and CPHQ®
  • Journal for Healthcare Quality®
  • Workforce Accelerator®
  • Transform Your Workforce into a Quality Force®


NAHQ’s Workforce Report and Healthcare Quality Competency Framework are copyrighted.
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Any license granted to a NAHQ trademark or copyright is non-exclusive, non-transferable, terminable and limited. In addition to any other limitations imposed by NAHQ, NAHQ’s trademarks and copyrights may not be used:

  • In any communication or other activity which is illegal, fraudulent, misleading, tortious, discriminatory, or unethical, or which violates legal rights of any person;
  • As part of a name, logo, symbol, or trademark; and
  • In a manner that is inconsistent with NAHQ’s bylaws, policies, and procedures, or the terms of any agreement under which NAHQ licenses the trademark or copyright.

Any use of a NAHQ trademark or copyright inures to the benefit of NAHQ. NAHQ reserves the right to terminate any license to its trademarks or copyrights in its discretion. In addition, NAHQ reserves the right to pursue legal recourse against anyone who uses NAHQ’s trademarks or copyrights without authorization, or in a manner inconsistent with any limited license granted by NAHQ.

Use of NAHQ Logos and Marks

Use or Reproduction of NAHQ® Work Products

The reproduction or creation of any derivative products based on NAHQ’s work products is strictly prohibited without express written permission of NAHQ.

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Press Releases and Approved Quotes

If your organization would like to include information about NAHQ products and services or you would like to obtain a quote from NAHQ to include in a press release, please complete this form. All press releases should be submitted to NAHQ for review and approval prior to publication.