Assess Your Work

The NAHQ Professional Assessment offers you a way to develop your career by utilizing the industry-standard competency framework. This tool is designed to empower you to better articulate your healthcare quality focus areas and goals, as well as understand the quality profession and the potential for your work within it.

With your annual subscription you will be able to:

  • Download and print your personalized assessment results with your complete domain behaviors and numerical scores
  • Access that is dynamic and growing. The more individuals that complete the assessment the more you learn about others and what areas might interest you
  • View in aggregate how others responded to the assessment and filter these results based on a variety of different attributes including: job level, education level, years of experience, employer type, employer size, and more!
  • Build your professional development plan and access additional resources

Contribute to the Profession

By completing the NAHQ Professional Assessment, you will contribute to the first and only database that represents the work that professionals working in healthcare quality are performing across a standardized competency framework. This database is the definitive source for research and insights about healthcare quality workforce competencies.

To subscribe, log in and click on the "My Professional Assessment" tab of your account.

Professional Assessment FAQs

Should I report my results in my annual review?

The results of the NAHQ Professional Assessment are meant to support professional development planning, not performance management. If you discuss your professional development goals during your annual review, you may want to refer to your scores as you seek support for professional development resources. It is important to note, however, that the results of the Professional Assessment are subjective, as is your annual review.

Is the data statistically significant?

As more people participate in the Professional Assessment, the dashboard will become increasingly more reflective of the current state of the healthcare quality profession. Note that NAHQ regularly performs statistical analyses of the Professional Assessment to ensure its continuing relevancy and validity.

Why is the data always changing?

Your scores will not change, but as more professionals working in healthcare quality participate in the Professional Assessment, the percentile data will change based on the available data. This makes the report more insightful over time, so it is useful to check it on a regular basis.

How is the data I provide going to be used in the NAHQ Professional Assessment?

Your Professional Assessment responses are used to calculate your scores. The information you provide in your demographic profile and your Professional Assessment responses are combined with data from other users to produce the comparison data and filtering criteria in the Interactive Dashboard in your NAHQ account.

As you learn how you can advance your career, your Professional Assessment responses add to the profession’s only proprietary database of the work being done by professionals working in healthcare quality throughout the healthcare industry, anchored by NAHQ’s twice-validated, industry-standard Healthcare Quality Competency Framework.

Can the NAHQ Professional Assessment be used to assess my team?

The NAHQ Professional Assessment is designed as a resource for individual professionals working in healthcare quality. NAHQ’s new corporate workforce assessment solution, Workforce Accelerator, is offered to healthcare organizations seeking to address workforce readiness gaps at scale. Learn more

If I participate in the NAHQ Professional Assessment, should I still pursue the CPHQ certification?

Yes! The CPHQ is an objective, accredited validation of your healthcare quality knowledge. The NAHQ Professional Assessment is based on your subjective perspective and is intended to help you identify opportunities for professional development.

How often can I retake the Professional Assessment?

The Professional Assessment can only be taken one time within your year-long subscription period to ensure the integrity of the data. Individuals are encouraged to take the Professional Assessment annually and to track your progress.

Does the Professional Assessment provide a timeline for me to attain my professional development goals?

Setting a timeframe to attain professional development goals will be up to each, individual professional. With a subscription to the Interactive Dashboard, you will have access to resources that provide guidance for goal setting and advancing your knowledge and skills.

Do I receive Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) CE credits for completing the Professional Assessment?

Yes! Two CPHQ CE credits will be awarded for completing the Professional Assessment. You can self-report this activity in the recertification module of your NAHQ account.

How much does the one-year subscription cost?

The Professional Assessment provides complimentary access for CPHQs and is $325 for all other individuals.