NAHQ Has The Way to Unleash Your Quality Team's Potential

For nearly 50 years, NAHQ has been known for supporting professionals working in healthcare quality. Today, NAHQ's support expands to organizations as we collaborate to address the challenge of workforce readiness.

As a healthcare executive, you have the responsibility and opportunity to advance healthcare in the most meaningful ways. But is your system designed to help you achieve your quality and safety goals? And is your workforce, the heart and soul of your system, prepared to do their best work?

If your answer is "not quite yet", NAHQ can help with enterprise-wide and scalable learning solutions, including Workforce Accelerator, our new Organizational Membership Subscriptions and other professional development opportunities for your team, to establish a solid foundation for understanding quality and safety throughout your organization. Join NAHQ on the mission to make healthcare quality—and healthcare—better.

“Building quality improvement competencies throughout the organization is such an important part of our strategy.”

Maulik Joshi, DrPh
President and Chief Executive Officer
Meritus Health

Develop Workforce Capabilities with NAHQ’s Workforce Accelerator®

Workforce Accelerator is a scalable multi-phase enterprise solution to help healthcare organizations achieve your healthcare quality aspirations faster. It does this by:

  • Assessing the work being done relative to the industry standard NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework
  • Planning an upskilling roadmap, with your most important quality goals and priorities in mind
  • Activating your workforce through implementation of individualized plans pinpointing upskilling by design and ongoing coaching

Workforce Accelerator helps you prioritize opportunities to accelerate achievement of quality and performance improvement objectives.

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Now Available: Organizational Membership Subscriptions

NAHQ's Organizational Membership Subscriptions* serve as a one-stop shop for healthcare quality and safety training and education. With these new subscription packages, NAHQ supports you as leaders to drive your quality and safety team forward, aligning their work to the industry-standard Healthcare Quality Competency Framework. The benefits of this new offering include:

• Access to NAHQ Domain Collections, curated educational content specific to the framework domains
• Access to Learning Lab webinars
• Access to the HQ Principles on-demand course
• Registration to NAHQ Next
• Exclusive discounts on CPHQ prep, the CPHQ exam and recertification

*Organizational Membership Subscriptions are available to teams of 10 or more, only. Organizations with teams that do not meet the minimum threshold can still join NAHQ and access the products individually through the NAHQ Catalog.

Team Training

Explore scalable learning options for competency development across your workforce. Get everyone speaking the same language of quality.

Quality and Safety Benchmarking

Develop a data-driven business case for needed staff resources and demonstrate the effectiveness of their efforts.

The Value of Certified Professionals

Learn why you should hire a CPHQ-certified professional.

Offer CE for Your Programs

If you have an educational program that would benefit professionals working in healthcare quality and CPHQs, you can apply to provide continuing education credit.

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It's Time to Advance the Quality and Safety Agenda

Is today's healthcare workforce doing the work that will advance critical priorities of quality, safety, equity, value and system sustainability?

Findings from NAHQ's groundbreaking research indicate the answer is no.

NAHQ's new Workforce Report outlines recommended actions healthcare organizations and leaders can take to better support and leverage the quality and safety workforce. They include expanding and acting upon quality in the broadest context by ensuring plans incorporate the eight domains in NAHQ's Healthcare Quality Competency Framework.

"At the end of the day, workforce readiness is a rate-limiting factor achieving quality and safety. The time to act is now because quality can't wait."

Stephanie Mercado, CAE, CPHQ
Chief Executive Officer

Modern Healthcare Highlights NAHQ Workforce Report

NAHQ CEO Stephanie Mercado is interviewed by Mari Devereaux, Modern Healthcare’s safety and quality reporter, in an article that features the results of NAHQ’s groundbreaking workforce report, “a nationwide assessment published this month of more than 2,500 healthcare professionals…NAHQ discovered that workers generally perform fewer activities, at a less advanced level, in the areas of health data analytics, professional engagement, and quality review and accountability when compared to other domains.”

Where is your organization on the path to improve healthcare quality?

NAHQ Intelligence on Workforce

NAHQ often publishes thought leadership pieces, including original research that assists healthcare in achieving its potential in quality and safety, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

From the CEO

The Healthcare Quality Profession Focuses on Improving Healthcare by Improving Workforce Competencies for Quality and Safety.

The latest from the Journal for Healthcare Quality

The JHQ peer-reviewed publication features scholarly articles covering all facets of the art and science of healthcare quality as it evolves in rapidly changing environments.

NAHQ’s Healthcare Quality Competency Framework

Articulating the competencies that must be present in a high-functioning quality program and offers career pathways for individuals to explore.

HQ Concepts:

Intro to Healthcare Quality and Safety for Frontline Staff

CPHQ Online Review Course

This self-paced option is a great study tool for those who prefer to study independently or excel in a virtual setting.

HQ Principles:

Fundamentals for Healthcare Quality and Safety Professionals

CPHQ Comprehensive Pre-Test

The pre-test includes 130 multiple choice questions designed to assess your readiness for the CPHQ certification exam.

If your organization is not a HealthStream client and you wish to access NAHQ’s educational content at group rates, contact us to schedule a conversation.

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