Apply to Offer CPHQ Continuing Education Credit 

Do you have an educational program or event designed for professionals working in healthcare quality?

NAHQ will review and approve your educational programming so you can provide CPHQ CE for your professionals working in healthcare quality. You can submit online or in-person courses, conferences and events, workshops, and webinars.

Note that 60 minutes of active learning/presentation time = 1.00 CE credit.

Program Requirements

The learning objective(s) for your program must align with at least one domain area within the Healthcare Quality Competency Framework.

Your program must follow standard best practices for instructional design and development:

  • Appropriate and clearly written learning objective(s)
  • Clear program title and description
  • Topic-level outline with a clear mapping to the Healthcare Quality Competency Framework domain area(s)
  • List of teaching and assessment methodologies used
  • Current references
  • Healthcare quality subject matter expertise utilized during program development

You will need to provide

  • A detailed program outline with timing so accurate CE hours can be awarded
  • Biographies/CVs for all faculty and/or presenters associated with the programming
  • Marketing and promotional materials about your program, which can include flyers, email messaging, webpages, etc.


You must submit your application and payment at least 60 days prior to the start date for your program; pricing is based on the length of your program.

  • Late fees will be accessed with less than 60 days’ notice
  • Expedited processing will apply if the submission is received less than 10 days prior to the program start date


CE Range

Application Fee

Program Type (Examples)



Short format - webinars, presentations



Half-to-full day events or courses, symposiums, short conferences



One-to-two day conference or course


$500 + $25 for each additional CE over 16

Large conference with multiple on demand sessions and/or workshops; three plus-day course

The late fee for application and payments received less than 60 days prior to the program start date is

+ $150

The expedited processing fee for turnaround time less than 10 business days is.

+ $150

How to Apply

1. Complete the Program Outline

  • NAHQ has a template you may use; if you submit your own template, please be sure the criteria from NAHQ’s template is included.

2. Gather biographical data for faculty and/or presenter(s)

  • You may upload the presenter's resume/CV.

3. Gather marketing materials

4. Complete the application and submit payment

  • Note that the application does not allow you to save and return to complete later. Have all information, materials and payment ready to submit at one time.


Once your application has been reviewed, a letter of approval or denial will be e-mailed to you within two weeks from date of submission.  

If approved, your program will have approval for 12 months from the date of approval. 

Important Notes

  • NAHQ will not award CPHQ CE hours retroactively .
  • The application fee is not refunded if an application is deferred or denied .
  • You must upload a list of attendees within 30 days of the program date. 
  • If you have questions, please contact us.

After the Event

  • At the conclusion of the event or program, sponsors are responsible for submitting their attendee list (using the below Attendee List Template) to
  • Program sponsors are also responsible for monitoring attendance and providing each participant with evidence of attendance so they may receive credit for the program.
  • Participants must self-report the CE they earned into their current recertification cycle.
  • NAHQ reserves the right to communicate with the individuals on the submitted attendee list.