Reduce Variability in
Healthcare Quality Competencies

NAHQ provides the industry-standard framework for healthcare quality competencies that reduce variability of healthcare delivery, by offering a common vocabulary and toolset. NAHQ’s Healthcare Quality Competency Framework articulates everything that must be present in a high-functioning quality program and offers career pathways for individuals to explore.

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Plan Your Quality Improvement Journey with the
Healthcare Quality Competency Framework

The Framework categorized healthcare quality work into

  • 8 domains, comprised of
  • 29 competency statements
  • 486 skill statements

The skills stated in the Framework are

  • Required to achieve quality objectives
  • Stratified at three distinct levels of progression, from Foundational to Proficient to Advanced
  • Not publicly available but are incorporated into the design of NAHQ educational program offerings

Developing the Framework

In 2018, we worked with a diverse group of healthcare quality leaders, to develop the industry-standard NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework. It has been validated twice in the market—by those doing the work and by those leading the work.

The Framework provides a clear roadmap of development, essential for defining the work and achieving meaningful, measurable improvements.  Leveraging the Framework allows professionals and organizations to assess, plan and measure progress on their quality improvement journey.

The full NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework consists of eight domains, 29 competency statements and 486 skill statements. The eight domains and 29 competency statements have been made publicly available. The skill statements, which are stratified across foundational, proficient and advanced levels, are not currently publicly available. They are only available to organizations partnering with NAHQ on Workforce Accelerator.  The design of all NAHQ educational program offerings for individuals or teams, which can be purchased by individuals and healthcare organizations, are aligned with the NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency Framework, and are a great way to upskill your team.

NAHQ Rights and Permissions

The Healthcare Quality Competency Framework is among NAHQ’s copyrighted works. NAHQ takes its intellectual property rights seriously. The Framework may only be used with NAHQ’s written permission. NAHQ receives frequent requests from individuals and organizations to use the Framework in various formats. Any permitted use of the Framework is subject to NAHQ’s policy regarding its Trademarks and Copyrights.

Without limiting the terms of NAHQ’s policy on Trademarks and Copyrights and the limitations imposed by law, unless NAHQ provides written permission, the incorporation of the Framework into educational curricula, programming, or services is strictly prohibited. Additionally, unless NAHQ provides written permission, representations that may deceive as to an affiliation, connection, or association between any individual or entity and either NAHQ or the Framework, are strictly prohibited.

Download the NAHQ Competency Framework Wheel