The Workforce Needs Professionals Working in Healthcare Quality

Ensure your students are ready to lead.

As a university administrator or faculty member, you’re aware that healthcare-related academic programs face heightened standards by accrediting and licensing bodies. 

Through a collaboration with NAHQ, a growing number of colleges and universities are including competency-based healthcare quality content from NAHQ in their course curriculum. NAHQ offers 

  • An industry-standard competency framework and competency-based education in healthcare quality that aligns academic curriculum with employer expectations.  
  • Resources to academic institutions that enhance the faculty and student experience and enable program administrators and leaders to demonstrate deep alignment to  industry expectations for healthcare quality competencies within the workforce.  

You can play a role in reducing variability in healthcare delivery by being at the forefront of reducing variability in healthcare quality competencies. Offer your students standardized healthcare quality education by working with NAHQ 

Benefits for Educators  

NAHQ will work with you to ensure students are prepared for the healthcare quality workforce. Leverage NAHQ’s content in your curriculum to

  • Equip your students with practical tools 
  • Develop a common vocabulary 
  • Instill valuable knowledge to enhance their capabilities on the job  

When you include NAHQ content in your courses, you can do it with confidence. NAHQ’s student resources are  

  • Developed by subject matter experts from across the continuum of care  
  • Updated frequently to align with industry standards 
  • Tool kit oriented, vastly improving the utility of the training across educational settings 
  • Affordable, modular and easily integrated into any learning delivery system 
  • Scalable to support online and on-campus student populations  
  • Accessible for every academic level 

Not sure where to start? We can help. Ensure your students are ready to enter the healthcare quality workforce! Let us help you incorporate NAHQ content into your curriculum.  

Learn about programs that have leveraged NAHQ content in their programs:

Available Resources

NAHQ provides content for your curriculum.

HQ Concepts

Introduction to healthcare quality and safety for frontline staff.

CPHQ Online Review Course

This self-paced option is a great study tool for those who prefer to study independently or excel in a virtual setting.

HQ Solutions

This vital resource offers the theoretical and practical basis for safe, reliable, cost-effective care. Valuable as both a textbook and a desk reference guide. 

HQ Principles:

Fundamentals for healthcare quality and safety professionals.

CPHQ Comprehensive Pre-Test

The pre-test offers 130 multiple-choice questions, is designed to assess your readiness and aligns with the current CPHQ content outline.