Get Answers to Questions That Matter Most

How much should your organization budget for quality and safety? How many people should you have working in quality and safety?

NAHQ’s benchmarking program provides meaningful data to support improved decision-making by U.S. hospitals and health systems in healthcare quality resourcing. This proven approach was designed in collaboration with national quality leaders.

Participate in the Quality and Safety Benchmarking Study

As a healthcare organization leader, you are often tasked with determining the right amount of staff and budget for quality and safety for an organization your size. NAHQ is partnering with Endeavor Analytics to help you benchmark with peer organizations.

Endeavor Analytics

Your participation in the Quality and Safety Benchmarking Study will empower you and your leadership with information to make better decisions. Participate and contribute your data, confidentially, and in return, receive meaningful, valid data to help you make better strategic and tactical decisions and develop a data-driven business case for the resources you need (and your patients deserve).

A Working Group of top healthcare quality and safety executives with overall budget responsibility developed the benchmarking survey with NAHQ and Endeavor Analytics. They represented large and small hospitals and health systems to make sure this program would meet the needs of a broad range of hospitals and health systems and provide you the information you need to make informed resource decisions. Participants can select from 20 quality and safety expense categories to report budget dollars and FTEs, and report on a centralized or decentralized budget basis.

The approach has been designed to ask the questions that matter most, make it easy to provide your data, compare yourself to peers of your choice or facilities throughout your system and evaluate your resource allocation in a comprehensive way.

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Study Areas

  • Healthcare system demographics/profile data for comparisons
  • Functional areas supported for each of the domains in the NAHQ industry standard, Healthcare Quality Competency Framework
  • Detailed breakdown of the level of resources (budget and headcount) dedicated to twenty unique Quality and Safety functions
  • Centralized vs. de-centralized resource distribution/management

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