Give Back to the Healthcare Quality Profession

More than 100 healthcare quality leaders volunteer their time and expertise each year. Contact us to join them.

NAHQ Volunteer Teams

Below are NAHQ’s volunteer teams, including brief descriptions of how they contribute to the growth and success of NAHQ and the profession.

Abstract Review Task Team

The Abstract Review Task Team assists NAHQ’s Conference Planning Team to review session and poster abstracts for the NAHQ NEXT Conference.

Awards Team

The Awards Team reviews applications and selects the best candidates for NAHQ awards. 

Conference Planning Team

The Conference Planning Team plans NAHQ NEXT, the only annual conference designed exclusively for the profession.

Fellowship Review Team

The Fellowship Review Team reviews and selects qualified candidates for NAHQ Fellowship, coordinates Fellow Mentorship Program and promotes Fellowship.

Finance Team

The Finance Team assures the appropriate oversight of all financial matters of the association. 

Healthcare Quality Certification Commission (HQCC)

The HQCC is the certifying arm of NAHQ and establishes policies, procedures and standards for certification and recertification in the field of healthcare quality. 

Healthcare Quality Foundation (HQF) Grants Team

The Healthcare Quality Foundation Grants Team reviews applications and select the best candidates for HQF’s grants.   

Item Writing Work Group

The Item Writing Work Group is responsible for writing items for inclusion in the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) test item bank. 

Journal for Healthcare Quality Peer Reviewer

Individuals serve as peer reviewers for papers, as requested.

Recognition of the Profession Commission

The Recognition of the Profession Commission will help NAHQ identify the key themes and proof points needed to advance a quality agenda that leverages workforce competencies as a key lever to deliver on quality, safety and value. 

Test Development Team

The Test Development Team is tasked each year to review the current CPHQ® exam, analyze the questions, and ensure that the test fully encompasses the knowledge needed to be a CPHQ.

Give Back to the Healthcare Quality Profession

More than 100 healthcare quality leaders volunteer their time and share their expertise each year to help us accomplish NAHQ's goals. This collective effort helps elevate our visibility and credibility as an industry leader.