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What healthcare leaders are saying about the value of the CPHQ...

The Value of CPHQ

The Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) certification is the only accredited credential in healthcare quality, and employers value it. In fact, more job postings for healthcare quality and related leadership roles on the  NAHQ Career Center either require or strongly prefer CPHQs. NAHQ research shows CPHQs

  • Work at higher levels of competency compared to non-CPHQs in all eight domains of the NAHQ Healthcare Quality Competency FrameworkTM
  • Aspire to be thought leaders within the healthcare quality arena
  • Are more likely to hold higher job titles than those who do not have CPHQ. Job titles include: director, executive director, vice president

Earn the CPHQ

The CPHQ validates your knowledge of healthcare quality practices and competencies.

What You'll Gain

Through the CPHQ, you'll demonstrate your commitment to advancing healthcare quality. With this certification, you can

  • Showcase your competence in healthcare quality and commitment to the profession
  • Distinguish yourself from other healthcare professionals focused on quality
  • Enhance your credibility with peers and your broader network
  • Signal your readiness to improve health outcomes
  • Position yourself to take on new opportunities and roles

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What is the passing score?
  • The CPHQ exam is scored on a scale of 200 to 800, with 600 being the passing score. For more information on scaled scoring and how it is applied to the CPHQ exam, please review this document for more information.
What does it mean that the CPHQ exam is accredited?
  • The CPHQ is the only fully accredited certification in healthcare quality.  
  • The CPHQ is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), which is the accrediting arm of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.  
  • The NCCA reviews certifying organizations against a set of rigorous standards and grants accreditation to those who are able to meet those requirements.  
  • The NCCA promotes excellence in competency assurance for practitioners in all occupations and professions by approving their certification processes.  
  • It assures the public and employers of the quality, validity and legal defensibility of the CPHQ credential and attests to the professional commitment of those who achieve this recognition. 
  • To maintain this accreditation status, NAHQ must apply for reaccreditation every 5 years. The CPHQ exam is currently accredited through 2028, and we will apply for reaccreditation at that time.  
Why should I become a CPHQ?
  • Healthcare professionals with a strong quality toolkit, embodied by the gold-standard CPHQ certification, are viewed as invaluable leaders and contributors to their organization.
Who should become CPHQ Certified?
  • CPHQ candidates and certificants span the continuum of care and hold positions at various levels in their healthcare career. While there are no formal requirements to sit for the CPHQ exam, it is recommended that candidates have at least 2 years of experience in healthcare quality.
Do I qualify for the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) examination?
  • There are no formal eligibility requirements to sit for the exam. It is recommended that candidates have at least 2 years of experience in the healthcare quality profession. The exam is written with the 2-year healthcare quality professional in mind. Please refer to the content outline for detailed content information and tools to assess readiness.