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Are you looking to:

  • Develop key competencies for your healthcare quality team?
  • Orient new and future healthcare quality professionals?
  • Integrate all staff on quality including clinical, non-clinical and administrative?
  • Support health system executive leaders in making quality a growth strategy?

NAHQ offers education and training solutions for all levels and types of healthcare professionals live and online


Develop Healthcare Quality Professionals

NAHQ has defined the industry-standard competencies for novice, proficient and advanced practitioners of healthcare quality and provides the industry-standard certification in healthcare quality.  Prepare your team for the certification exam with NAHQ’s CPHQ Prep which offers convenience and access live and on demand.  Learn more here.

Orient New and Future Healthcare Quality Professionals

NAHQ’s HQ Principles is an interactive, online certificate program that provides an introduction to quality and patient safety fundamentals, methodologies, and concepts on industry-standard competencies. It is the first step in understanding quality and the professional competencies to achieve it. Learn more here.

Integrate All Staff: Clinical, Non-Clinical and Administrative

More and more healthcare disciplines and specialties are increasing quality and safety training for their own professionals. Training on industry-standard quality competencies aligns the workforce to improve outcomes and supports corporate business objectives. NAHQ’s Concepts in Healthcare Quality & Safety for Frontline Staff introduces all healthcare professionals to industry-standard quality competencies they need to know whether in clinical, non-clinical or administrative roles. This 1-hour interactive learning module prepares frontline staff to support organization-wide improvement initiatives and is essential to achieving success in quality-driven healthcare strategies.

Support Health System Executive Leaders

NAHQ offers education, training and research-driven insights on quality driven growth strategies that are specifically designed for healthcare executives. NAHQ’s National Healthcare Quality Summit is an executive symposium on the advantages of quality as a business strategy in the transition to healthcare value. 

Executives looking for more resources on quality as a business and growth strategy should visit Quality Driven Healthcare.

NAHQ helps healthcare systems build their quality workforce through its Career Center which offers the profiles of healthcare quality professionals and links to qualified candidates. Executives looking to build their healthcare quality teams can learn more here.

Success Stories

NAHQ has provided team learning experiences for these organizations and many more:

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