10:00-11:00 am
Room: 222 ABC North

It Takes a Village: Identifying the Synergies Between National Quality Reporting Programs
Presenter: Rose M. Langdon, MBA BSN RN CMHP CPHQ FNAHQ

In this session, participants will identify the CMS quality measures across the various national quality reporting programs, and identify ways to work with their quality colleagues across the continuum to align selected quality initiatives. With providers and various facilities reporting as required for their specific quality reporting program, often a siloed approach is taken to meet their requirements, without looking at the overall improvement in quality that may result if they align these measures between the different care environments. Participants will glean an understanding of the various reporting programs and how their measures may align to improve the quality of care across the continuum while reducing clinician reporting burden.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Visualize the synergy of measures across the continuum
  • Identify quality measures that align between the various quality programs that are applicable to the participants' work environment
  • Identify the communication pathways between facilities and clinicians that may help align measures that would improve quality across the continuum
  • Develop a plan participants could enact upon return to the work environment that uses their new-found knowledge

Rose Langdon has presented to audiences ranging from classroom size to auditoriums of healthcare professionals for more than 10 years. For the past four years most of her education has been in the virtual realm nationally for various CMS programs. Her background is in the quality improvement of healthcare across the continuum, including hospital, primary care, and the occupational setting. Over the last year, she has devoted both her professional life and her research to understanding the new Quality Payment Program and related facility programs, gleaning a thorough understanding of what is needed across the healthcare continuum for healthcare providers to succeed in improving quality of care at lower cost. One focus must also be on evaluating the joy at work of all providers and care givers, and reducing burdens as much as possible with a patient-centered focus at all times. More than ever, we must look at quality programs together across the continuum to improve patient care quality. Working in the QIN-QIO environment, Langdon is able to look at programs for providers and various facilities and assist with looking at the synergies between them so that the burden is reduced on clinicians, and the ongoing work provides quality improvement for the patient both from the physician and the facility standpoints.

Audience Level: CPHQ/Mid
Topic: Regulatory & Accreditation
Date: September 16